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Ditch the Four Wheels, and Grab Two Instead

Remember the childhood joy and freedom you felt when riding your bike along neighborhood streets? If you haven’t been on a bike for years, it is time to rekindle that feeling, and get some exercise that is easy on the joints.

If you aren’t comfortable cycling in traffic, consider taking a course. Some recreation centres and even specialty bike shops offer beginner cycling classes. In BC, there is a non-profit urban cycling organization called HUB that offers hands-on, inexpensive ($50 for half-a-day) courses to boost confidence. They’re offered at Lower Mainland community centres and bike shops (including Coquitlam and Surrey).

They give road rules and practical tips in a classroom, and then put you on the road, right into traffic, within a safe, supportive group environment to practice what you’ve learned. Visit for more information and to register.


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