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Enerex Exclusive - Celebrity Spotlight: Cooking it Up with Vikram Vij

Vikram Vij is the colourful panelist on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, cookbook author, and restaurateur who co-owns four restaurants, a fast food outlet and frozen food line with wife Meeru Dhalwala. Here, he interacts with Enerex:

How do you always make food taste good?

There is no exact science. It will taste good if you put a lot of love into it. To me, food is art; it is not just something you eat. And it is not about following a recipe. It is about creating your own style, and not worrying about whether it turns out. Even after all of these years, cooking still stimulates my mind.

Do you cook when not at work?

Sunday nights, I do all of the cooking at home.

Is cooking Indian food much different than other styles?

Unlike all of the steps required for other types of cooking, like French, most Indian cooking is stews so you are always simply adding and mixing flavours in a pot. But the aromas and flavours of each individual one are different and mouth-watering, especially when you combine the right spices.

What is your favourite utensil?

Wooden tongs. I use them for everything. They were handcrafted from a single piece of wood by a First Nations artist, and were given to me as a gift. (The utensil looks like sculpted salad tongs.)

What is your own kitchen’s best feature?

The butcher’s block. Meeru and I had a lot of discussion about it before we got it, and it is now the centre of the kitchen. I like the pots hanging above it, and the conversation that people can have standing around it while they spend time with me when I’m cooking.

What do you do for exercise to work off that food? 

I enjoy yoga, tennis in the summer, and skiing in winter, but am not fanatic about any of them.

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