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Help Your Daughter to Shine

Self-esteem for girls: If your adolescent daughter is like many, keeping up appearances that she is self-assured and confident can be a struggle. She is told to “just be yourself,” but may have little idea what that looks and feels like — so stumbles from one identity to another.

Up until a few decades ago, “finishing school” or beginner courses at modelling schools were offered for this purpose. Today, several nonprofits have been launched to fill the gap. The Sparkle Project BC, launched in August 2014, is one. It aims to “inspire and equip young girls to be more self-confident and successful.” Sparkle’s community of female entrepreneurs has pooled their experience to create practical tools for girls.

To start, a book called Sparkle: An Inspirational Handbook for Young Girls, co-authored by Kristal Barrett-Stuart and Kristin van Vloten, features openly honest stories of grownup celeb Sparklers including Jillian Harris, Tamara Taggart and Erin Cebula. They talk about the struggles they faced when they were younger, and how they overcame them to become happier. The Sparkle Project also offers workshops that are said to help girls discover their passions and talents, with vision boards to identify their goals, and give tips to turn their “dreams into reality.” Its motto: “Never let anyone dull your Sparkle.”    

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