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6 Ways Happiness Coach Bob Molavi Stays Happy, Even After a Brain Tumour

  1. Enjoy simple activities. I look forward to coffee at a café, walks in a park, and meditating each morning. I have substituted reading, now difficult, with listening to music and books-on-CD, and both making my own and watching inspirational videos on Youtube.
  2. Step outside yourself. Learn to become the observer of your life. Don’t personalize it. I remind myself often that life is much bigger than my mind makes it out to be, and bigger than my body’s experiences. It gives a sense of relief from the suffering that the mind creates.
  3. Anchor yourself. Focus on your breathing by simply watching what it’s naturally doing. This automatically puts me in the present moment, which I can deal with, instead of wandering to fearful thoughts about, or obsessive planning for, the future.
  4. Connect with others. Giving back by offering presentations about my experience, facilitating free Eckhart Tolle Meetups, and continuing my happiness coaching has been a blessing, and created friendships for life.
  5. Write a book about the experience. This is therapeutic, and offers hope in that it may help others.
  6. Have compassion for yourself and others. This helps you and me to find meaning in life’s challenges, and to discover who we really are.

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